Ferguson Disgrace: Police Fire on Unarmed Crowds, Attack News Trucks

Today in Ferguson, following the arrest of two journalists police continued their all out assault on the liberties and rights of the town’s citizens. Here’s the latest update on what we know so far.

 … Ferguson police arrest, assault, and teargas journalists to prevent them from recording police behavior there. The no fly zone has banished news helicopters. No live streams remain active in Ferguson. Freedom of the press is dead.

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"When stopped by police, blacks in Ferguson were twice as likely as whites to be arrested — even though police found contraband for 34% of whites stopped, versus 22% of blacks"

Scott Decker, a criminologist on a team contracted by the attorney general’s office to compile the data. (via thinksquad)

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"We rolled lighter than that in an actual war zone."

A Twitter user/former veteran quoted in Paul Szoldra’s fascinating Business Insider piece detailing the militarization of police in Ferguson, Missouri right now (emblematic of police militarization across the country) — MRAPs, and M4 carbine and MARPAT look-alikes. (via thepoliticalnotebook)

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